Covid-19 Effects on Body: Medical News Today

Researchers concede Covid-19 as a new virus presents many unknowns. Hence, community leaders and individuals should practice caution. Hilary Guite reports on studies that monitored subjects day by day. About 80 percent of patients report mild or no symptoms, yet the disease is infectious during the presymptomatic phase, and she writes, “SARS-CoV-2 can bind 10 times more tightly to insert its RNA into the cell, starting to explain why COVID-19 spreads so rapidly.” Initial symptoms include loss of smell, coughing but only small percentages report sore throats or runny noses. About 14 percent of infected people have severe cases and experience short of breath, many developing pneumonia. Guite’s analysis describes a learning process with ongoing attempts to discover new treatments and drugs to relieve symptoms, especially pneumonia that blocks oxygen exchange. She notes, “The most common time for the onset of critical disease is 10 days, and it can come on suddenly in a small proportion of people with mild or moderate disease.” The article’s descriptions of the disease’s progression underscore many unknowns, including long-term effects, suggesting no one should take Covid-19 lightly. – YaleGlobal

Covid-19 Effects on Body: Medical News Today

Researchers around the globe document the progression of Covid-19 and offer caution on the many unknowns
Hilary Guite
Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Read the article from Medical News Today about research on Covid-19 and the many unknowns.

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(Source: Integrating Clinical Research into Epidemic Response: The Ebola Experience, 2017; photo, William Discher/USAMRIID)

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