Trump’s Middle East Plan: Time

The Trump administration released an 80-apage plan to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The plan would create a Palestinian state with a capital in East Jerusalem and “permit Israel to extend sovereignty over all major settlements blocs in the West Bank, uphold Jerusalem as ‘Israel’s undivided capital,’ and require the Palestinians to concede far more land to Israel than in past proposals,” reports Joseph Hincks for Time magazine. “Palestinians could control some 70% of the West Bank, compared with 94-96% proposed by Bill Clinton in 2000.” The plan also includes no provision for return of Palestinian refugees. Palestinian leaders reject the deal. The plan emphasizes regional cooperation, development and economic opportunities and notes, “Both Israelis and Palestinians have long-standing negotiating positions but also must recognize that compromise is necessary to move forward.” – YaleGlobal

Trump’s Middle East Plan: Time

Joseph Hincks
Monday, February 3, 2020

Read the article from Time Magazine about the plan for peace in the Middle East as proposed by the Trump administration.

Read the text of the proposed Middle East Peace Plan, “Peace to Prosperity:  A Vision to Improve the Lives of the Palestinian and  Israeli People” from the Trump administration.

 a territorial, security and refugee dispute between Israel and the Palestinians and a religious dispute between Israel and the Muslim world regarding control over places of religious significance.  The absence of formal relations between Israel and most Muslim and Arab countries has only exacerbated the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians. We believe that if more Muslim and Arab countries normalize relations with Israel it will help advance a just and fair resolution to the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians, and prevent radicals from using this conflict to destabilize the region.

(Source: Peace to Prosperity)

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