West Bank on Ballot: New York Times

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu offered a last-minute campaign promise of extending sovereignty over the West Bank. Thus, voters in Israel have a clear choice, explains David M. Halbfinger for the New York Times: Do they want permanent control over the West Bank and 2.6 million Palestinians, continuing antagonism, or do they support genuine negotiations working toward a Palestinian state. Far-right supporters of Netanyahu count on support of the United States under the Trump administration. “Two-state proponents, while conceding that there is no way to know for sure how the Palestinians would react, say a sovereignty push would almost certainly lead to a nightmare of one kind or another for Israel, like a rise in violence and international condemnation,” writes Halbfinger. “The incremental entrenchment of Jewish settlements on Palestinian land is often called ‘creeping annexation.’” Polls suggest a majority of Israelis oppose a two-state solution while applying sovereignty would violate longstanding agreements. Many questions accompany the proposal including voting rights for Palestinians. Critics point out the campaign promise reveals desperation as Netanyahu, under indictment for corruption charges, hopes to encourage big turnout by far-right voters. – YaleGlobal

West Bank on Ballot: New York Times

Netanyahu, desperate for high turnout of hardline supporters in his reelection bid, makes a promise that puts the West Bank's future on the ballot
David M. Halbfinger
Monday, April 8, 2019

Read the article from the New York Times about Netanyahu making the West Bank a centerpiece campaign issue. 

David M. Halbfinger is the Jerusalem bureau chief of The New York Times. He covers Israel, the occupied Palestinian territories and the Middle East.      

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