Turkish Strategy - Libya’s Haftar on Defensive: DW

Since 2014, two factions have divided Libya: Libyan National Army forces in the east led by Khalifa Haftar, supported by the UAE, France and Russian mercenaries, versus Fayez Serraj's Government of National Accord in the west, recognized by the United Nations and supported by Turkey and Syrian mercenaries. Control has shifted abruptly to the GNA side, Reports Tom Allinson for Deutsche Welle. “Now on the back foot militarily, Haftar has rushed to make gains on the political front,” he writes.“Late last month he attempted to double down on his authority in eastern Libya by declaring himself the country's ruler by ‘popular mandate,’ thereby sidelining the nominal eastern government and paving his way to take further control of the country's massive oil revenues.” Reports point to indiscriminate shelling of neighborhoods with civilian deaths, but the Covid-19 pandemic distracts the international community from speaking out and the EU struggles to enforce a UN arms embargo. – YaleGlobal

Turkish Strategy - Libya’s Haftar on Defensive: DW

Turkish intervention has tilted the balance of power in Libya’s conflict that has attracted foreign intervention for both sides
Tom Allinson
Thursday, May 7, 2020

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map of Libya showing May 2020 positions of GNA and LNA forces in the north

Libya as Energy Producer  Oil reserves, ranked 9th; Oil production, ranked 30th; Oil consumption, ranked 53rd; gas reserves, ranked 21st; Natural gas production Ranked 40th; GDP per capita $7574
(Source: Worldometers and OPEC, 2017)

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