US Border Detentions and Chaos: Fox News

The Trump administration wants to slow migration with a costly border wall. Democrats express concern about the administration instigating chaos at the border and blaming Congress for limiting funds on border security. Agencies responsible for border security and migration are led by acting staff who hide details about the children and their treatment from attorneys, media and communities. Congresswoman Karen Bass maintains “families are still being separated at the border despite President Trump's assertion that the policy has been abandoned.” In 2018, the administration separated children from families without tracking names or contact details allowing swift reunification. Bass describes the treatment of children and migrants as “torture,” "human rights abuse" and a "stain on our country." She adds that Democrats “want to ensure that money will go to improving the conditions for migrants and want to address the roots of the immigration issue,” reports Anna Hopkins for Fox News. As the administration evades responsibility and Congress struggles to hold the executive branch accountable, Bass called for international condemnation. – YaleGlobal

US Border Detentions and Chaos: Fox News

California Congresswoman Karen Bass calls for international condemnation of US border policies and blasts Trump administration: “How dare you torture children?”
Anna Hopkins
Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Read the article from Fox News about a US congresswoman calling for international condemnation of US border policies.

Anna Hopkins is a freelance reporter with Fox News Digital based in New York City.

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