US Colleges’ International Enrollment: Boston Globe

US colleges anticipate a steep drop in enrollment of international students due to the Covid-19 pandemic, travel uncertainty, global recession and job losses, anti-immigrant sentiment and visa policies. About 90 percent of US colleges and universities anticipate a decline in international students and a significant drop in revenues, reports a Institute of International Education survey. “Many foreign students pay full tuition, helping offset discounts offered to lure American undergraduates to campus, and ensuring that university budgets remain in the black,” reports Deirdre Fernandes for the Boston Globe. “International students also bring a diversity of experience and skills to campuses and help power the cutting edge research done at the graduate level, university leaders have said.” Most colleges transferred courses from classrooms to online in the middle of the most recent spring semester, and the California State University System already announced that fall classes will be online. Consultants recommend that colleges determine schedules quickly, accommodating students in other time zones, and improve online programs, emphasizing engagement. Higher-ranked colleges anticipate losing fewer students, but programs and budgets could influence those rankings. – YaleGlobal

US Colleges’ International Enrollment: Boston Globe

US colleges anticipate a steep drop in international enrollment and revenues – due to Covid-19 pandemic on top of anti-immigrant rhetoric and visa challenges
Deirdre Fernandes
Thursday, May 14, 2020

Read the article from the Boston Globe about the anticipate decline of international enrollment in US colleges and universities.

Deirdre Fernandes covers the steep price students pay to earn a degree and the money behind the region’s education economy. Since joining the Globe in 2011, Fernandes has covered insurance, banking, and the economy, writing about how changes in the industry are altering the consumer experience.

Average US College Costs		 	Tuition	Room/Board Private colleges	$37,000 	$13,000  Public colleges (residents)	$10,000 	$11,500  Public colleges (out-of-state)	$27,000 	$11,500
(Source: CollegeData, 2019)

Source Nations for International students at US colleges (2018/2019): China	369548 India	202014 S Korea	52250 Saudi Arabia	37080 Canada	26122 Other	408285
Diversity: US colleges and universities welcomed 1,095,299 international students in 2018-2019, and they represented about 5.5 percent of the nation's higher-education population (Source: Institute of International Education)

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