US Moves to Audit Chinese Firms: WSJ

Chinese companies listed on US stock exchanges have not been subjected to inspections by US regulators, and the US Senate approved legislation that would require the Chinese firms to meet US standards. “Unlike other countries, China has never given U.S. regulators routine access to audit records needed to review the quality of financial accounting, according to U.S. officials, who have sought a deal for years,” reports the Wall Street Journal. “China says sharing audit work papers would violate its sovereignty and risk leaking state secrets.” The proposed legislation covers about 200 companies, worth about $1.4 trillion, according to one market analysis firm. The firms would also be required to report about any control by state authorities. Concerns emerged after disclosure of accounting fraud and fabrication of revenues at Luckin Coffee. The US Securities and Exchange Commission reports that its ability to enforce standards in emerging economies is limited. The US House of Representatives is expected to approve similar legislation, and under the Senate version, companies would have three years to comply. – YaleGlobal

US Moves to Audit Chinese Firms: WSJ

Under a US proposal, Chinese companies listed on US stock exchanges would join other firms in being subjected to regulatory reviews
Dave Michaels and Akane Otani
Thursday, May 28, 2020

Read the article from the Wall Street Journal about a US proposal to extend regulatory requirements to Chinese firms listed on US stock exchanges.

Dave Michaels is a reporter in The Wall Street Journal's Washington bureau covering white-collar crime and financial enforcement.

Akane Otani is a reporter for The Wall Street Journal in New York, where she covers the U.S. stock market and investing. Prior to joining the Journal, she was a higher education reporter at Bloomberg Businessweek in New York.

Sebastian Pellejero contributed to this article.

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Chinese Stocks as a Percentage of Total US Market Capitalization: 2011 0.6%, 2012	0.6%, 2013 0.8%, 2014 1.9%, 2015 1.9%, 2016 1.8%, 2017	2.7%, 2018 2.4%, 2019 2.8%,  2020	3.3%
(Source: Wall Street Journal and Goldman Sachs)

Selected Chinese Firms Listed on US Stock Exchanges and Market Capitalization, US$ Billions	 	 China Telecom*	$27  Baidu	$37  NetEase	$49  China Petroleum and Chemical*	$54  Pindoduo	$72  China Life Insurance*	$89  Petro China*	$105  Alibaba	$546
* Company is at least 30 percent state-owned (Source: US-China Economic and Security Review Commission)

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