The Week: Is Trump Walking Into Kim’s Trap?

Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump surprised the world by quickly agreeing to a meeting before June, this after a year of insults exchanged and missile tests by North Kora. The meeting, let alone lasting peace, may not materialize, though the willingness to talk and a quest for peace by the two leaders seems hopeful. Experienced analysts raise concerns, questioning if Kim is serious about denuclearization or is he using a historic meeting to raise his profile. “The U.S. has been negotiating with North Korea over nuclear weapons since the Clinton administration, bilaterally or with five other nations, and North Korea keeps breaking its agreements,” writes Peter Weber for the Week and reviews reactions from a range of experienced North Korea specialists who fear a trap. Some concede that a meeting is worth a chance though it carries risks: If either side is humiliated, expect new security challenges. – YaleGlobal

The Week: Is Trump Walking Into Kim’s Trap?

Experts agree Trump and Kim’s willingness to talk is hopeful, but only if North Korea, after many broken promises, is serious about denuclearization
Peter Weber
Friday, March 9, 2018

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