US Immigration Policy Fritters Away Higher-Education Benefits

Close-minded immigration policy forces many US-educated foreign students to seek other pastures
Hassan Siddiq, Susan Froetschel
October 31, 2007

Cosmopolitan Masala: Diversity Enriches Us All

As immigrants innovate, business booms – an economist rejects criticism of cultural diversity
Philippe Legrain
November 16, 2007

Fewer Babies Pose Difficult Challenges for Europe

With careful policy planning, the continent could find promise in changing demographics
Joseph Chamie
October 8, 2007

Human Trafficking Casts Shadow on Globalization

Traffickers reap huge profits at the expense of society's most vulnerable
Michele A. Clark
April 23, 2003

Muslims and the Tale of Two Continents

Although the US was a target of extremists, Europe’s less integrated Muslims provide more recruits to the terrorist cause
Shada Islam
September 14, 2007

Chinese Migration Goes Global

Migrants from the world’s most populous nation influence more than 150 countries
Peter Kwong
July 17, 2007

The Guardian: Trump Pulls US Out of UN Global Compact on Migration

Trump administration’s nativism continues to dictate U.S. international politics
Patrick Wintour
December 8, 2017