Tax Reform May Not Bring US Jobs Back

Rising productivity, not taxes, is behind drop in US manufacturing jobs
David Dapice
February 3, 2012

France Deals With Globalization Crisis – Part I

Europe and China must cooperate – negotiating on monetary and industrial policy, honing skills
Pierre-Noel Giraud
January 24, 2012

Denying Imbalances, G20 Risks Chaos – Part I

The US and China should focus on cooperation and balancing trade, rather than confrontation
Shen Dingli
November 4, 2011

US Falls Behind in Global Race for Talent

World’s best and brightest are less keen to study, work or stay in the US
Bruce Stokes
October 17, 2011

India’s Anti-Corruption Movement Wins – For Now

A lasting antidote to India’s corruption is not protests, but economic growth
Ashok Malik
September 1, 2011

Is France on Course to Bid Adieu to Globalization?

Démondialisation is a top issue in French presidential campaign with few rising to globalization’s defense
Pierre Haski
July 21, 2011