Obama Travels to Asia, But Future of Trade Pact Is Uncertain

TPP critics are many: China, environmentalists, workers, politicians worry about corporate interests supplanting national control
David Dapice
April 21, 2014

Can ASEAN Respond to the Chinese Challenge?

ASEAN and China tussle over how to resolve dispute over the South China Sea
Carlyle A. Thayer
March 18, 2014

Romania: Chinese Are Coming!

In rebuff to EU, Romania sells resources to China for a bit of trade
Raluca Besliu
March 4, 2014

China Moves to End Its Codependency with US

China is striving for new economic balance and self-reliance, and the US should do the same
Stephen S. Roach
February 18, 2014

War Drums in Asia: Back to the European Future?

Old grievances, shifting power balance, spur Asian tensions as in 1914
Alistair Burnett
February 11, 2014

China’s Rise Leads India and Japan to Wary Embrace

Asian geopolitical landscape transforms as India seeks new partners like Japan and South Korea
Harsh V. Pant
January 30, 2014