Lopsided Chinese-US Relations

Chinese and Americans get along well, but their leaders are antagonistic
Edward Gresser
May 9, 2013

Winning Without a Fight in the South China Sea

Who needs a navy? China launches cruise ships to mark South China Sea claims
Marvin Ott
April 10, 2013

Should South Korea Pursue Nuclear Arms?

The US could return nuclear weapons to South Korea to contain Pyongyang’s threat
Bennett Ramberg
March 29, 2013

“China Dream” – Unshaken Party Rule

Xi Jinping promotes dream reform of economy, but politics is out of bound
Börje Ljunggren
March 20, 2013

US Must Adopt Law of the Sea

To lead on Asian disputes, the US must combine diplomacy and embrace of UNCLOS
Ziad Haider
March 13, 2013

Annoyed, China Sticks With North Korea

Chinese media openly fret about North Korea’s brinkmanship
Nayan Chanda
March 11, 2013