Is China Up to the Challenge?

China’s leaders know reform is needed, but are trapped by old formulas for success
David Shambaugh
November 21, 2012

China’s Boomerang Diplomacy

China’s treatment of East Asian neighbors hits back and undermines its peaceful development
Stein Tønnesson
November 16, 2012

Will China Delay Reform – Again?

Growing numbers of Chinese go online, unafraid to say they deserve better leadership
Mary Kay Magistad
October 29, 2012

China Rebalancing Won’t Doom Region

Asia will benefit if China shifts from reliance on exports towards consumption-led growth
Deepak Gopinath
October 24, 2012

No Ancient Wisdom for China

Authoritarian capitalism is a menace for China and the global economy
James McGregor
October 8, 2012

What’s the Bigger Challenge – Baby Boom or Bust?

The Philippines stands out in Asia for its high fertility and poverty rates
Philip Bowring
October 5, 2012