Central Asia Description

Iran: Does Government Fear Educated Women?

Government report describes trend of more women attending universities as “alarming”
Iraj Gorgin
February 12, 2008

Seeking a Path in Democracy’s Dead End

The US backs off from demands for immediate democracy in Central Asia
C.J. Chivers
February 4, 2008

China and Kyrgyzstan Launch Anti-terrorism Exercises

Joint military exercises yet another step in China's emergence as a global power.
October 11, 2002

SARS Virus Begins to Take Toll on Global Economy

"Airline and tourism industry particularly hard hit."
Jacqueline Thorpe
March 31, 2003

Moscow Seeks to Take Advantage of Iraq Conflict to Reassert its Leadership in CIS

Some political analysts believe that the war in Iraq presents Russia with a "golden opportunity" to integrate the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).
Igor Torbakov
April 9, 2003