Central Asia Description

The Truth About Talibanistan

Taking advantage of unrest in Pakistan, extremists claim a remote tribal region as their own
Aryn Baker
March 27, 2007

Talks With Taliban Still the Best Prospect

After five years of fighting failed to control Afghanistan, some officials venture to suggest diplomacy with the Taliban
Bronwen Maddox
February 28, 2007

Activity at Korean Enclave Grinds to a Halt

North Korea wants to follow China’s lead, turning a border city into a center for business that mirrors a Chinese town across the river, but obstacles have slowed progress on the project.
December 6, 2002

A Troubled Project Holds Warnings for Kazakhstan's Oil Sector

Is the Central Asian republic falling out of favor with foreign oil investors?
Mark Berniker
November 19, 2002

Migrant Power

Migrant workers promote economic growth in Eastern Europe and Central Asia
January 19, 2007