Central Asia Description

On Tape, Bin Laden Warns of Long War

The fugitive accuses the West of acting as a modern “Crusader” against Islam
Craig Whitlock
April 24, 2006

Kazakhstan Entertains Grand Economic Development Plan

Kazakhstan’s economic plan focuses on regional cooperation and could erode US influence in Central Asia
Melvut Katik
April 17, 2006

Taliban Turn to Suicide Attacks

Imported martyrdom operations may further endanger Afghan reconstruction
Scott Baldauf
February 3, 2006

South Korea Locked in Movie Quota War

US sees a trade barrier in what South Koreans call defense of their culture
Barbara Demick
November 2, 2005

China’s Next Big Boom Could be the Foul Air

In its drive for high growth, China is seriously harming the environment
Jim Yardley
October 31, 2005