Central Asia Description

Kazakhstan: President Orders Study on Effects of Decriminalizing 'Soft' Drugs

A Central Asian leader looks to the Dutch experience for inspiration.
Zamira Eshanova
October 12, 2002

Mongolia Is Roiled by Miner's Huge Plans

Nation of nomadic herders scrutinizes foreign investors’ plans for huge mines
Patrick Barta
January 4, 2007

Kazakhstan Learns to Love Borat

The satirical movie about cultural differences spurs new curiosity about the Central Asian nation of 15 million people
Ryan Kennedy
December 1, 2006

Tripping on the Tightrope

Pakistani citizens remain unconvinced that Musharraf's support for the US “war on terror” helps their nation
Graham Usher
November 13, 2006

China's Iron Grip

For a rising China, intimidating dissidents knows no border
Fred Hiatt
October 10, 2006