Central Asia Description


Christina Klein
August 17, 2004

Chechen Terrorism: Old World Motive, New World Method?

Historical tensions underlie current – and future – turbulence in Russia
Ben Wetherall
August 31, 2004

US Nation-Building Abroad – Part III

Afghanistan unlikely to meet Washington's September elections deadline
Ahmed Rashid
June 1, 2004

Uzbekistan: A Third Front in the War on Terrorism?

Unless handled with care, it could become a self-fulfilling prophecy
Charles William Maynes
April 5, 2004

One Hand Clapping in the Caucasus

Global forces helped to push change, but the region’s long-term success is not assured
Kenneth Weisbrode
January 26, 2004

Groomed for Suicide: How Taliban Recruits Children for Mass Murder

Martyrdom is a glamorous – and only – career option
Jon Boone
May 23, 2011

Sweet as Can Be?

Both China and the US want stability in Pakistan
May 16, 2011

A Future Scenario for Asia

It’s too early to celebrate an Asian Century
Philip Bowring
May 12, 2011

How the US Intends to End War with Taliban

Gradual exit, regional cooperation and a well-crafted political strategy could deliver peace
Ahmed Rashid
April 21, 2011

Women's Rights in Afghanistan Lose Steam

Gender equality remains a distant dream for women in rural Afghanistan
Tom A. Peter
March 9, 2011