Schröder's Agenda

NATO takes back seat to Germany's national concerns
Aaron Kirchfeld
July 9, 2004

Germany a Gateway to Europe for Chinese Businesses

Investors from the Far East take over insolvent companies to acquire patents and technologies at a good price
Mark-Werner Dreisörner
July 16, 2004

Give the Transatlantic Alliance a Fresh Start

Differences between US and Europe must be resolved for effective world leadership
Charles Powell
June 28, 2004

Cashmere Moves on, and Scotland Feels a Chill

Scottish cashmere industry threatened by low-cost Chinese manufacturers
Allan Cowell
March 27, 2004

'We should remain calm'

German interior minister Otto Schily discusses the Madrid bombings and the challenges to Germany posed by terrorism
Eckart Lohse
March 26, 2004