Bush to Europe: Let's Move On

Europe, too, is ready to work with Bush on some issues but differences and doubts persist
Shada Islam
February 23, 2005

Despite Rhetoric Trans-Atlantic Alliance is Alive and Well

Behind the jabs over Iraq, the United States and Europe share remarkably common goals
Mohammed Ayoob
February 14, 2005

Putin's Wary Reconciliation

Russia faces stiff challenges in repairing relations with US and Ukraine
Liliana Proskuryakova
January 24, 2005

The Ukrainian Divide

Putin’s ill-considered intervention in the election has created unnecessary tensions between Russia and the West
Keith A. Darden
November 29, 2004

Europe's China-Play

An uneasy EU, juggling human rights and business interests, may lift its arms embargo against China
François Godement
December 6, 2004

A Reluctant Embrace

Ambivalent EU takes halting steps towards an eventual union with Turkey
Shada Islam
December 16, 2004