Turkey: Erdoğan Faces Twittering Opposition

Opposition’s use of social media tarnishes Erdoğan government, but short-term change is unlikely
Anna Beth Keim
March 26, 2014

WMD Risks in Civil War: What Syria Can Teach

The US, ill-prepared on Syria’s use of chemical weapons, must plan for strife in Pakistan, North Korea
Bennett Ramberg
January 23, 2014

Will the Iran Nuclear Deal Thrive or Wither?

The world has a narrow window of opportunity for a deal on Iran’s nuclear research
Dilip Hiro
January 21, 2014

Iran Approaches a “Gorbachev Moment”

US-Iranian interim accord could offer a transformative moment for the Middle East
Robert A. Manning
November 26, 2013

Time for the US and Iran to Act

Holding leverage over Iran, the US can ensure verification by the IAEA
Jamsheed K. Choksy
November 21, 2013

Strike on Syria for Chemical Weapons – Not Illegal

Humanitarian interventions, as proposed by Obama on Syria, shape responsibility to protect
Harold Hongju Koh
October 3, 2013