Roh Stands by Deployment of Korean Troops in Iraq

Threatened beheading won't sway Seoul's position on Iraq
Seo Hyun-jin
June 22, 2004

Waking Up to the Terror Threat in Southern Thailand

Thai Muslims studying in hardline Islamic institutions bring a new menace to their country and the region
John R. Bradley
May 27, 2004

Rumsfeld Approved Methods for Guantanamo Interrogations

Forced nudity, dogs, and "mild non-injurious contact" all OK'd by Secretary of Defense
Jess Bravin
June 10, 2004

New Violence, Old Problem

The Saudis fight terror, but not those who wage it
Neil MacFarquhar
June 6, 2004

Islam and West: Time for Enlightened Moderation

Pakistani president presents an exit plan for the divisions between Middle East and West
Pervez Musharraf
June 2, 2004