An Ominous Moment in Middle East Turmoil

Bush administration faces an increasingly hostile Arab public, battle for hearts-and-minds may already be lost
Roger Cohen
April 23, 2004

Arabs Disunited

Arab leaders disagree on agenda; Summit falls apart
John R. Bradley
March 30, 2004

Party's Over

With foreign belly dancers banned from performing in Egypt, the industry struggles to meet the demand
Reem Nafie
March 8, 2004

It Must Be Something in the Water

Controversy over Nile water distribution pits North African countries against one another
Gamal Nkrumah
March 3, 2004

74 Illegal Immigrants Held in Surprise Raid in Abu Dhabi

Surprise raids scarcely disguise xenophobia and anxiety over foreigners
Muawia E. Ibrahim
March 24, 2004