Is Strategy For Victory in Iraq an Empty Package?

American people will have to support it with their children and wallets
Joan Johnson-Freese
December 6, 2005

Toward a Virtual Caliphate

Al-Qaida is not the only Muslim group harnessing the power of globalization
Peter Mandaville
October 27, 2005

Vers l’etablissement d’un Califat virtuel?

Peter Mandaville
October 27, 2005

Iraq: Life After the Constitution

The Bush administration's success may not mean an end to violence or flowering of democracy
Dilip Hiro
October 20, 2005

Time For a Saudi "New Deal"

The kingdom is the global center of both oil production and the Islamic faith; its politics could endanger worldwide stability
Fahad Nazer
September 27, 2005

Double Vision in Beirut

While the West celebrates the rise of democracy, the Lebanese press for independence
Frances Z. Brown
May 12, 2005

Turkey’s Effort to Join the EU Is on Life Support

Erdogan could open borders for refugees
December 19, 2016

“Dear World … Why Are You Silent?”: Aleppo Residents Make Social Plea for Help

Global audiences can follow the accounts of a family or child, but can't provide protection
Tu Thanh Ha
December 15, 2016

Blame Game Starts as Aleppo's Rebels Fall

The war is not over and fighters will continue to oppose the Syrian regime
Jeremy Bowen
December 14, 2016

Syrian Rebels in Secret Talks With Moscow to End Aleppo Fighting

Such talks, if underway, sideline the United States
Erika Solomon and Geoff Dyer
December 2, 2016

UN: Aleppo Risks Becoming Giant Graveyard

UN Security Council holds emergency meeting, but threat of Russian veto prevents action
December 1, 2016