The Long, Thorny Path to Calling ISIS “Genocidal”

Linking ISIS with genocide provides a rationale for the US to step up the fight
Adam Chandler
March 18, 2016

Putin Withdrawing Russian Forces from Syria

The withdrawal could encourage a peace agreement
Max Fisher
March 15, 2016

Leaked IS Documents Identify Thousands of Jihadis

If true, the report suggests the terrorist group is fumbling and fending off disgruntled ranks
Stuart Ramsay
March 10, 2016

Elections Gains Unlikely to Shift Iran Power Balance Fast

Analysts expect limited reforms and a focus on the economy
Samia Nakhoul
March 2, 2016

The War of Western Failures: Hopes for Syria Fall with Aleppo

Delayed diplomacy contributes to failed state
February 29, 2016