Who's Winning the War on Terror?

Two years after Sept. 11, the Taliban is thriving along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border.
Ahmed Rashid
September 5, 2003

Pakistan’s New Tack on Fighting Terror

By setting consistent ground rules, Pakistan could win public support for war on terror
Ashley J. Tellis
May 9, 2008

The Threat of Global Food Shortages – Part II

Big agribusiness may boost crops temporarily, but wreaks environmental havoc over the long term
Mira Kamdar
May 7, 2008

Asia Throws a New Challenge to Washington

The debate over Burma shows the difficulty of reconciling global principles with local interests
Michael Richardson
June 25, 2003

India’s Forgotten Farmers

For globalization to succeed, the country’s rural population needs to connect with urban markets
Tarun Khanna
March 7, 2008

Will Ballots Win Over Bullets in Pakistan?

An electorate hungry for change could bring peaceful transition and determine the country’s fate
Paula R. Newberg
February 15, 2008

Carter Says Russian Airstrikes in Syria Didn't Target ISIS

Foreign fighters of any type could be pouring gasoline on the fires of civil war in Syria
Richard Sisk
October 1, 2015

Time to Dump the Fear

Policymakers should look beyond the monetary value of trade imbalances
Nayan Chanda
September 25, 2015

Indian Job Ad Receives 2.3 Million Applicants

A young, educated workforce is expected to boost the economy
Victor Mallet
September 21, 2015

The Bitter Story Behind the UK's National Drink

Investigation describes poor housing and sanitation, low wages and child labor
Justin Rowlatt and Jane Deith
September 11, 2015

Raja-Mandala: Faith and Diplomacy

World leaders should avoid the pitfalls of favoring one religion over other systems of beliefs
C. Raja Mohan
September 2, 2015