Sino-Indian Tensions Roil Geopolitics in Asia

India and China’s rivalry intensifies over China’s veto on UN issues, territory, Pakistan and the Dalai Lama
Harsh V Pant
January 12, 2017

Unlike the West, India and China Embrace Globalization

Pew Global Attitudes Survey: Indians, Chinese are content with growing integration of their nations into world economy
Bruce Stokes
October 18, 2016

Pollution Controls as Infrastructure Investment

Game theory techniques, regarding pollution control as infrastructure, could end haze over Indonesia’s palm oil industry
Euston Quah and Joergen Oerstroem Moeller
October 6, 2016

China Turns on Charm Offensive for Bhutan

Bhutan may be in the middle of a power play between regional rivals – long-time protector India and China
Bertil Lintiner
September 22, 2016

Myanmar as Asia’s Last Frontier: Korea Herald

Jung Min-kyung
September 5, 2019

Stateless People in India: Diplomat

Rudabeh Shahid, Champa Patel and Ravi Hemadri
September 1, 2019

South Asia and Trump: Times of India

Nayan Chanda
August 25, 2019

Microloan Problems in Cambodia: Spiegel

Vanessa Steinmetz
August 19, 2019