All at Sea Over Resources in East Asia

Competing claims over the South China Sea among China and its neighbors could destabilize the region
Barry Wain
August 14, 2007

The US and India: Nuclear Bonding

The just-concluded nuclear agreement opens the door for deeper strategic cooperation in an uncertain world
Nayan Chanda
August 2, 2007

India Cannot Afford Rural Failure

The crisis of India’s farmers has the potential to derail the country’s exceptional economic growth
Mira Kamdar
April 20, 2007

The World’s Growing Nuclear Club

India can offer some lessons on non-proliferation in a new nuclear age
Humphrey Hawksley
April 16, 2007

Malaysia Backpedals on Modernity

Growing assertiveness of Islamic courts intrudes on the rights of non-Muslims threatening social harmony in the prosperous nation
Sadanand Dhume
May 3, 2007

China and the US: To Hedge or Engage

Continuing Sino-American cooperation throughout Asia could ensure global stability
David Shambaugh
April 11, 2007

In Modi’s Mongolia Pivot, a Test of Indian Soft Power

No nation can plan on replacing China’s role in the Mongolian economy
P. Stobdan
May 20, 2015

Islamic State Faces a Complex Web of Militant Groups and Violence in Pakistan

Groups compete for recruits and influence in Pakistan
Samira Shackle
May 4, 2015

Nepal Steps Up Rescue Effort Amid Global Aid Rush

Kathmandu depends on tourism and foreign aid
April 27, 2015

Indonesia’s Joko Loses the Economic Plot

Businesses fear the government is retreating from globalization
April 24, 2015

The Evolving Jihad in South Asia

The Islamic State threatens Iran from both Iraq and Afghanistan
Arif Rafiq
April 10, 2015