Will Guns Fall Silent in South Asia?

End of civil war in Nepal could serve as model for a troubled region
Paula R. Newberg
December 5, 2006

Globalization Hits Road Bumps in India

Appalling governance and populism combine to block reform and deter economic integration with the world
Pranab Bardhan
October 3, 2006

Gauging Terror – Part II, India

Despite suffering substantial losses from terrorism, India resists initiating military strikes
Michael Krepon
August 17, 2006

Hacia Aguas Ignotas

Pratap Bhanu Mehta
March 7, 2006

Outsourcing of Indian Education

Rigid government control hobbles Indian universities’ attempt to compete globally
Pratap Bhanu Mehta
June 15, 2006

Southeast Asia Casts Wide Net for Cooperation

Pacific powers have multiple reasons to enmesh their economic and security ties
Barry Desker
May 30, 2006

Beyond the Pomp and Pageantry

Enduring policies could emerge after India invites Obama to famed Republic Day parade
Nayan Chanda
February 5, 2015

A Not-To-Be-Missed Opportunity

With oil below $50 per barrel, importing nations should act fast on economic reforms
Nayan Chanda
January 30, 2015

Tiger and Wild Cat Trade From Myanmar to China Growing

Tiger population to 5% from century ago; tourists seek cat parts in China-Myanmar border town Mong La
Navin Singh Khadka
January 28, 2015

After Obama’s Visit, India-US Relations Must Not Be Allowed to Drift Again

Obama and Modi overlook rocky past, prepare for economic liberalization and security cooperation
Nayan Chanda
January 23, 2015

A Shield That’s Not Required

India requires government ministries to procure locally-built electronic products
Nayan Chanda
January 15, 2015