The Post-WikiLeaks World – Part II

Governments and corporations discover that spur-of-the-moment online protests are just a click away
Rebecca Wexler
December 17, 2010

Military Bans Disks, Threatens Courts-Martial to Stop New Leaks

The US restricts web, monitors its own troops to prevent public whistle-blowing
Noah Shachtman
December 15, 2010

The Post-WikiLeaks World – Part I

Iran may be emboldened by the cable revelations, but overconfidence could be costly
Jamsheed K. Choksy
December 15, 2010

WikiLeaks and the Long Haul

Conflicted democracies, wrestling with WikiLeaks’ abrupt transparency, find legal shortcuts tempting
Clay Shirky
December 14, 2010

WikiLeaks Battle: A New Amateur Face of Cyber War?

Young computer hackers target firms that censor WikiLeaks
Peter Apps
December 9, 2010

The WikiLeaks Ravage – Part II

Inspired by a modern-day Robin Hood, activists battle for transparency and the internet’s soul
Johan Lagerkvist
December 8, 2010

The WikiLeaks Ravage – Part I

Massive leak of classified reports heightens mistrust at a time when candid diplomacy is crucial
Shyam Saran
December 6, 2010