How Egyptian Elections Alter Regional Balance

Bleak assessment – poor governance better than none at all?
Abdullah Kamal
May 30, 2014

National Front's Marine Le Pen of France Leads Anti-EU Drive

Anti-EU parties win in France, Denmark and Austria
Gabriele Parussini
May 26, 2014

Gujarat Model of Foreign Policy: Let Economy Be the Driver

Decisive BJP-Modi victory and economic growth could produce strong India and balance for Asia
Walter Andersen
May 20, 2014

IT-Savvy Army Takes Modi’s Campaign to New Levels

Technology reached out to voters who lack technology
Victor Mallet
May 19, 2014

India’s Shinzo Abe

Expect pursuit of economic growth and regional influence, closer ties for India and Japan
Brahma Chellaney
May 16, 2014

Central Demands

Pursuit of economic growth in India will require battle on corruption
Nayan Chanda
May 8, 2014

Yingluck’s Out. Now What, Thailand?

Polarization in politics damages the economy
May 7, 2014