Egypt Highlights Race Between Trade and Terror

Trade pacts like EUROMED could curtail extremists taking advantage of Mideast power vacuums
Humphrey Hawksley
August 15, 2013

Iran’s Mounting Malaise

Inept policies, religious pressure add to poverty, poor health and cross-border challenges
Jamsheed K. Choksy
August 6, 2013

For Stability, Japan Needs Political Reform

A key to economic reform in Japan is ending proportional representation in politics
Frances McCall Rosenbluth
July 30, 2013

Why Egypt Matters

Egyptian protesters define new path for democracy, demanding rapid accountability and reforms
Sallama Shaker
July 25, 2013

Algeria’s Shadow Hangs Over Egypt’s Revolution

Islamists should resist violence, stay in political process
Roula Khalaf
July 11, 2013

Mursi Role at Syria Rally Seen as Tipping Point for Egypt Army

Egypt’s military is not keen on “holy war”
Yasmine Saleh, Tom Perry
July 3, 2013

Key US-EU Trade Pact Under Threat After More NSA Spying Allegations

TTP negotiations may be derailed
Ian Traynor, Louise Osborne, Jamie Doward
July 1, 2013