The Earth’s environment is the source of economic, social, cultural activities, with nature shaping human life over the centuries. The rapid growth in the world population, from 1 billion in 1830 to 7 billion today, add pressures for air quality, oceans, land use and resources as basic as water. Awareness is building about over-reliance on fossil fuels, how carbon and other emissions contribute to global warming and volatile weather. Every industry requires energy, and cross-border industrialization, transportation and other economic activities contribute to environmental degradation. Yet globalization also spurs awareness and activism over the need for global cooperation and standards to promote sustainability and environmental protection.

Nigeria Can Help Create More Moral Global Economy

Ten years after activist deaths, the Niger Delta offers an opportunity to take a different path to development
Ken Wiwa
November 9, 2005

Global Warming: Adapting to a New Reality

No longer confined to hypothetical models, the effects of global warming have emerged in Europe
Elisabeth Rosenthal
September 15, 2005

Protecting Biodiversity 'May Clash with Pursuit of MDGs'

Is the reduction of global poverty more important than the conservation of biodiversity?
Ehsan Masood
May 19, 2005

Susilo Wants Asia, Africa to Lead Energy Revolution

Indonesian President says renewable energy will decrease conflict, ease poverty
Leony Aurora
April 19, 2005

The Black Gold's Curse

Despite several myths, energy security has become the new global concern
R.K. Pachauri
April 28, 2005