The links between security and globalization were highlighted by the 2001 terrorist attacks on New York City and Washington, DC, and the subsequent long wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Lingering poverty, inequality, religious extremism and war can sow discontent and resentment as unprecedented global mobility lends access to education and travel in other countries. Despite use of drones, cyber-warfare and other advanced weapons technology to mount counterterrorist attacks, the marginalized can strike out at vulnerable urban or economic centers. Annual global defense spending exceeds $1.6 trillion. Containing the trade in weapons, whether nuclear bombs or assault rifles, and preventing them from falling into the wrong hands remain a challenge.

Averting 9/11: How Close We Came

Hearings show the changed context since 9/11, and the difficulties in curbing Al Qaeda
Faye Bowers
March 25, 2004

Nuke Quarantine

America mounts pressure on Pakistan to allow it to 'secure' its nuclear arsenal
Amir Mir
February 26, 2004

Alarm Raised Over Quality of Uranium Found in Iran

Iran says it is for peaceful purposes
Craig S. Smith
March 11, 2004

Hijacked Supertanker Underlines Our Energy Vulnerability

Pirates may pose less danger than society's reliance on fossil fuels
Michael G. Frodl
February 17, 2009

Korean Bodyguards to Train Iraqi Police

Foreign troops may stay away, but Iraq still gets help from private bodyguards
O Youn-hee
March 23, 2004