A readily measurable aspect of globalization is the increasing exchange of capital, products and services across national boundaries, spurred by expanded use of container shipping and other technological improvements as well as falling barrier. The interdependence is most apparent with global supply chains, as manufactured goods like vehicles and electronics are assembled with components produced around the world, and it’s increasingly rare for any country to be the sole source of any one complex product. Countries aim to increase exports but worry about too many imports and trade imbalances, even as their consumers pursue low prices. Disagreements on subsidies, tariffs, quotas or unfair practices are debated by the World Trade Organization.

The Meat Politics is Made Of

Are Sudanese beef exporters poised to grab a larger bite of the Egyptian market?
Gamal Nkrumah
July 9, 2004

Fags and Fiction

That a US Tobacco Giant should be courting the idea of ethical trade beggars belief
Alison Benjamin
July 8, 2004

Garment Industry Faces a Global Shake-Up

Abolition of Multifiber Agreement will lead to massive reorganization and consolidation
Guy de Jonquières
July 19, 2004

Staring Into the Mouth of the Trade Deficit

A port city sees exports decline
Elizabeth Becker
February 21, 2004

US Shrimpers Still Carping

American shrimpers win a preliminary victory against shrimp dumping by China and Vietnam
Jane Bussey
July 7, 2004