Boris Johnson and Conservatives Win in UK: BBC

Boris Johnson risked calling an election and won decisively with his call to get Brexit done. Solid results remove Brexit uncertainty as voters entrust the Conservative Party, which won 364 votes of the 650 required, to manage exit from the European Union. “The Conservative Party's Commons majority is its largest since Margaret Thatcher won a third term in 1987,” reports BBC News. Many Labour strongholds turned to Conservatives. Prime Minister Johnson “thanked Labour voters, many of whom, he said, had backed the Conservatives for the first time, vowing to fulfil the ‘sacred trust’ placed in him.” Leaders of the Liberal Democrats and the Democratic Unionist Party lost their seats. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said he would quit soon. The Brexit Party won no seats. Johnson vows that the country will leave the European Union by the end of January. The Scottish Independence Party also took decisive control in Scotland. First Minister Nicola Sturgeon suggests Johnson does not have a mandate to remove Scotland from the EU, and the party could pursue another independence referendum. – YaleGlobal

Boris Johnson and Conservatives Win in UK: BBC

Boris Johnson wins big and promises to deliver Brexit, but must also deal with a strengthened Scottish Independence Party that wants to stay with the EU
Laura Kuenssberg
Friday, December 13, 2019

Read the article from BBC News about the UK parliamentary election results.

Laura Kuenssberg is political editor for BBC News.

 	 Conservatives 364;  Labour 203; Scottish National P	48;  Liberal Democrats	11;  DUP	8 ;Other 	15; Undecided (1)

(Source: BBC News)

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