Brexit Bill “in Limbo”: BBC

Uncertainty over Brexit continues. The British parliament took a step toward Brexit, approving a withdrawal agreement, but declines to hurry, rejecting a three-day timeline as proposed by the prime minister. A few days earlier, parliament forced the government to seek an extension to ensure a deal is in place before the UK leaves the European Union. Boris Johnson still wants the UK to leave by October 31, although “Commons leader Jacob Rees-Mogg told MPs it was ‘very hard’ to see how the necessary laws could be passed to leave with a deal by the deadline,” reports BBC News. EU Council President Donald Tusk is recommending an extension to avoid a no-deal Brexit, possibly flexible, allowing the EU could to leave earlier if ready. The prime minister says he continues to prepare for a no-deal exit, and the polarized country may also prepare for an election, which could serve as a referendum on Brexit. – YaleGlobal

Brexit Bill “in Limbo”: BBC

Members of parliament approved a the prime minister’s Brexit withdrawal agreement – a first – but rejected prime minister’s three-day timetable
Wednesday, October 23, 2019

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Brexit Uncertainty Deal? Extension? Election?

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