COVID-19 Travels 4 Meters? SCMP

China has identified more than 80,000 confirmed COVID-19 cases, almost three times more than the rest of the world. The high numbers permit research that aids understanding the disease's spread. Officials advise keeping a safe distance up to 2 meters meter or 6 feet. Yet researchers tracked infections during a January 22 bus trip and suggest a bus passenger with symptoms infected travelers sitting 4 meters away. Other passengers were not wearing masks. “China requires closed circuit television cameras to be installed on all long-distance buses, which provided valuable footage for researchers to reconstruct the spread of the virus on the bus, whose windows were all closed,” reports Stephen Chen for South China Morning Post. Original passengers disembarked, and new ones arrived, some of whom became infected. In all, 11 passengers contracted the disease, but not passengers sitting next to the carrier. The researchers suggest that an enclosed space may be the culprit: If a greater distance cannot be maintained, face masks may be in order. They recommend regular cleanings of public transport vehicles and increased fresh air. – YaleGlobal

COVID-19 Travels 4 Meters? SCMP

Coronavirus can travel twice as far as official “safe distance” of 1 meter and remain in air for 30 minutes, Chinese study finds
Stephen Chen
Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Read the article from South China Morning Post about reasearch on one Chinese bus passenger who infected 11 others.

Stephen Chen investigates major research projects in China and has worked for the Post since 2006. He is an alumnus of Shantou University, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and the Semester at Sea programme.

 Maintaining a distance of 4 meters or 13 feet, may be necessary. But those sitting next to the original passenger were not infected.

(Source: South China Morning Post)

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