The Diplomat: How South Asia Is Failing Its Rohingya Challenge

Myanmar’s military operations against the Rohingya people in Rakhine state has driven more than 500,000 refugees to Bangladesh and at least 40,000 each to India and Pakistan. The countries of South Asia are poor and overpopulated and the refugee crisis could destabilize any the countries. Angel Sharma, writing for the Diplomat, urges comprehensive region-wide policies to prevent waves of illegal migration, resentment and extremism. Good intentions are behind refugee camps but “A better strategy would be for India and Bangladesh to collaborate on the migration issue, whether by offering temporary or permanent resettlement, so that social services and job security are attainable for refugees and citizens alike,” Sharma writes. Leaders throughout South Asia should speak out against poor treatment for the Rohingya and organize education campaigns to prevent discrimination and sectarian violence. Also, the refugees should be given work opportunities, education and medical services. Sharma adds, “Regional governments must be willing to promote greater inclusivity of the Rohingya refugee population with the existing populations to ensure peace and stability within the region.” – YaleGlobal

The Diplomat: How South Asia Is Failing Its Rohingya Challenge

Nations of South Asia must organize comprehensive regional solutions for the Rohingya refugee crisis to avert instability – and protest Myanmar’s actions
Angel Sharma
Monday, December 4, 2017

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Angel Sharma is the South Asia Fellow at Young Professionals in Foreign Policy (YPFP). She works in the international development sector focusing on the rule of law and human rights at an international NGO. Angel received her MA in International Security from American University. The views and opinions expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the views of any of the organizations with which the author is affiliated.

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