Global Spread of COVID-19: Spiegel

Thirty countries report confirmed coronavirus cases. Global public health experts suggest that case counts are low and express concern about the spread to less developed countries with dense populations and deep trade connections with China. For example, battling COVID-19 would be a challenge in Africa with shortages of health personnel, testing facilities, protective equipment, and infrastructure for quarantines and care. “It is becoming increasingly apparent that the number of confirmed cases reported to the WHO has been seriously understated in some places around the world,” reports Spiegel International. “Just how incomplete the pool of data is, has been shown in China, where the system for registering new cases is completely overloaded.” Epidemiologists express concern about no cases reported from countries like Indonesia, which has many connections with China. About 3 percent of cases are critical, reports the World Health Organization, though that rate may be far lower with many people not showing symptoms and so many cases going undetected. One epidemiologist theorizes that previous experiences with a related coronavirus may protect a portion of the population. As the disease spreads, determining the source of contagion is more challenging. Public health systems of every nation should prepare. – YaleGlobal

Global Spread of COVID-19: Spiegel

Epidemiologists expect the new Covid-19 virus to spread worldwide and suspect more people may be infected as many do not show symptoms
Veronika Hackenbroch and Fritz Schaap
Thursday, February 20, 2020

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Confirmed Cases by Region/Country: Asia China	74,280, Diamond Princess 542, Singapore 81, Japan 73, South Korea 51, Thailand 35, Malaysia 22, Vietnam 16, Australia 15, Philippines	3, India 3, Cambodia 1, Sri Lanka 1. Americas US 15, Canada 8. Europe Germany	16, France 12, UK 9, Italy 3, Russia 2, Spain 2, Belgium 1, Finland 1, Sweden 1. Middle East/Africa UAE 9, Egypt 1

(Source: World Health Organization)