Idlib Violence Spurs Refugees: Spiegel

Idlib, one of 14 governorates in Syria, has a population of about 3 million people, according to the United Nations. As a rebel stronghold during the Syrian civil war, Idlib is under siege from Russia, Iran and the Syrian regime, with residents desperate to flee to nearby Turkey. “The Idlib offensive could finally mark the end of the war in Syria -- but also the beginning of a new mass exodus,” reports Spiegel Online. A UN Security Council resolution allowing aid deliveries to Syria expires January 10; Russia and China have blocked an extension. “Hundreds of thousands of Syrians are left with no other choice than to make their way to Turkey.” Turkey shelters about 4 million refugees, blocking them from Europe for now. Turkey’s president insists the country cannot handle more refugees, and the Spiegel article suggests that the refugee crisis will be used as leverage against Europe for funding. “EU member states still haven't managed to agree on a unified asylum system for the continent, resulting in a situation whereby even a moderate increase in the number of refugees arriving in Greece, for example, can trigger a humanitarian crisis,” reports Spiege, describing overcrowded camps and dire conditions. If Turkey reduces its patrols, the refugee crisis will shift to Europe, fueling nationalism and populism. – YaleGlobal

Idlib Violence Spurs Refugees: Spiegel

Russia, Iran and the Syrian regime attack Idlib in northern Syria; a new wave of refugees headed for Turkey could mark the end of the Turkish-EU refugee pact
Melanie Amann, Giorgos Christides, Steffen Lüdke, Peter Müller and Maximilian Popp
Monday, January 6, 2020

Read the article from Spiegel Online about the attacks on Idlib in Syria and a new wave of refugees.

 Qatar 190, Bahrain	263, Saudi Arabia	266, Oman	308, Kuwait	673, UAE	1164, Israel 18,569, Egypt 246,749, Iraq 283,022, Iran 979,435, Lebanon 1424592, Jordan 2950529, Turkey 3681685 ,  Slovenia	749, Luxembourg 2,046, Portugal 2,136, Hungary 6,040, Ireland	6,041, Cyprus	11,014, Poland	12,506, Spain 	20,457, Finland 22,295, Serbia 30,954, Denmark 36,631, Belgium 42,168, Norway 57,026, Greece 61,460, Russia 77,397, Netherlands 101,837, Switzerland 104,037, UK 126,720, Austria 128,769, Italy 189,243, Sweden 248,226, France 368,352, Germany 1063837

Totals include refugees from all sources; the world’s largest source of refugees is Syria (Source: Data, World Bank and UNHCR; photo of camp near Idlib, Luminae Group)

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