Megafire, Exhaustion in Australia: Sydney Morning Herald

Three bushfires have combined into a megafire in Australia’ New South Wales of Australia. “The 'unparalled' fire season in NSW is being to strain resources, with potentially months to run,” reports a team for the Sydney Morning Herald. “About 40 of 90 bushfires across the state were yet to be contained and conditions were expected to worsen around Tuesday, with officials urging communities to “remain vigilant.” About 2000 volunteer firefighters are in the field, with weariness compromising safety. Some 3000 firefighters from elsewhere in Australia are joining the effort, along with small crews from Canada the US. Opposition leaders contend massive reinforcements are required, and firefighters suggest more tanker aircraft and other equipment are needed, too. Dry conditions and high temperatures exacerbate the fires. – YaleGlobal

Megafire, Exhaustion in Australia: Sydney Morning Herald

Three bushfires combine into megafire in Australia, with firefighters exhausted ; small crews from Canada and US arrive; officials warn residents to prepare
Peter Hannam, Michaela Whitbourn and Rachel Clun
Saturday, December 7, 2019

Read the article from the Sydney Morning Herald about the bushfires.

Peter Hannam writes on environment issues for The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age.

Michaela Whitbourn is a legal affairs reporter at The Sydney Morning Herald.

Rachel Clun is a journalist at The Sydney Morning Herald.

Sally Rawsthorne, Tom Rabe and Laura Chung contributed to this report.


Frontlines: Australia is counting on volunteers and residents to do their part  (Sydney Morning Herald)                                                       

Prepare: Most fires are started by humans and can be prevented; the Australia government urges caution  (Source: Advice, National Geographic; photo, SkyNews)


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