Proposal to Ban Chinese From STEM Studies? Newsweek

The spread of Covid-19 has put economies on hold, alarming the world, and leaders look for scapegoats. Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton has accused China of releasing inaccurate data on confirmed Covid-19 cases, and called it a “scandal” that US colleges and universities train so many Chinese. China is the leading source of international students for US colleges and universities. On a television news program, Cotton proposed that Chinese students not be allowed to study sciences, technology, engineering or math at US institutions, adding that they “go back to China to compete for our jobs, to take our business and ultimately to steal our property and design weapons and other devices that can be used against the American people." The majority of students enrolled in graduate STEM programs at many universities are international. Students cannot suddenly enter such fields that require years of foundational work in math, computer coding and more. The sciences and engineering contribute to innovations and economic prosperity and such a proposal would limit talent and revenue for higher institutions of learning. – YaleGlobal

Proposal to Ban Chinese From STEM Studies? Newsweek

US senator, upset about Covid-19 emerging in Wuhan, suggests that Chinese students could be banned from studying sciences at US colleges
Benjamin Fearnow
Monday, April 27, 2020

Read the article from Newsweek about a US senator who suggested that US universities and colleges should not enroll Chinese students in science, technology, engineerng and mathematics programs.

Benjamin Fearnow is a reporter based out of Newsweek's New York City offices.

Map showing percentage of bachelor's degrees in sciences per US state and Arkansas in the lowest quartile
(Source: National Science Foundation/National Science Board)

Higher Education Students in US from China: 2010/2011	157558 2011/2012	194029 2012/2013	235597 2013/2014	274439 2014/2015	304040 2015/2016	328548 2016/2017	350755 2017/2018	363341 2018/2019	369548
(Source: Statista)

International Students at University of Arkansas by Nation	 China	164 Panama	136 India 	104 Saudi Arabia	98 Bolivia	88 Other	903
Arkansas hosts a diverse group of international students, with totals including graduate, undergraduate and law students; about 20 percent of Arkansas’s graduate students are international students (Source: University of Arkansas)

(Source: MathWorks Australia and Process Technology)



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