What Happens If a Pandemic Hits? TechCrunch

The World Health Organization monitors the coronavirus as a group of epidemics and suggests it has the potential to become a global pandemic. Declaration of a pandemic would not mean closed borders, a shutdown of air travel or mass quarantines and drastic containment efforts could be counterproductive, argues Jon Evans for TechCrunch. “The focus will switch from containment to mitigation: slowing down how fast the virus spreads through a population in which it has taken root,” he explains. “Mitigation can occur via individual measures, such as frequent hand washing, and collective measures, such as ‘social distancing’ – cancellations of mass events, closures, adopting remote work and remote education wherever possible, and so forth.” The US Centers for Disease Control recommends a “targeted, layered” approach addressing specific circumstances. Public officials continue to monitor the spread, and individuals can do much to monitor their own health and take appropriate precautions. – YaleGlobal

What Happens If a Pandemic Hits? TechCrunch

COVID-19 not yet a global pandemic, but public health officials urge people to prepare by washing hands and keeping a distance from those with symptoms
John Evans
Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Read the article from TechCrunch about how the world would prepare for a global pandemic.

Jon Evans is the CTO of the software consultancy HappyFunCorp, TechCrunch’s weekly opinion columnist, an award-winning and widely published novelist, a journalist who has traveled to more than 100 countries and reported from Iraq, Haiti, Colombia, and the Congo, a University of Waterloo electrical engineering alumnus, and the founding director of the GitHub Archive Program.

      Coronavirus Protective Measures -	Wash hands thoroughly -	Stay at home if coughing, sneezing -	Avoid touching nose, mouth and eyes -	Cover mouth, nose if sneezing, coughing -	Stay 1 meter away from those with symptoms -	Follow advice of leading public health experts

Good planning: Public-health experts urge practical protective measures and avoiding panic and extreme measures (Source: Data, World Health Organization; photo, UN World Food Programme )

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