Flattening World Challenges Imagination

Global climate change intensified by globalization will create new types of jobs, says Thomas Friedman
April 13, 2007

Wolfowitz Saga Exposes Structural Flaws of the World Bank

The apathy of some international players hints at the decreasing relevance of global institutions
Devesh Kapur
May 15, 2007

Malaysia Backpedals on Modernity

Growing assertiveness of Islamic courts intrudes on the rights of non-Muslims threatening social harmony in the prosperous nation
Sadanand Dhume
May 3, 2007

Can Europe Age Gracefully? – Part II

Europe has proven the worth of democracy and integration, but is in no mood to celebrate
Jean-Pierre Lehmann
March 23, 2007

A Discussion On Ethical Globalization

‘Globalization is a reality. It can be more beneficial'
January 15, 2003

Will Travel, Wreak Havoc: How Invasive Species Affect Ecological Diversity

Tourism and trade bring unwanted biological species threatening other countries’ ecosystems
Michael Richardson
January 14, 2003

American Schools Are Training Kids for a World That Doesn’t Exist

Students must handle challenges of world with 2 billion more people by 2035
David Edwards
October 23, 2014

Putin, ISIS, Ebola: How Globalization Harms Us More Than Helps

Putin unabashedly spearheads a revolt against 21st-century globalization
Melik Kaylan
October 16, 2014

Saving Languages Through Korean Soap Operas

Fate of endangered languages could rest on crowd-sourced translations
Rose Eveleth
October 6, 2014

Russia: Friction With the West, New Ties With the East

But can ambitious powers neglect entire continents?
Laurence Neville
September 23, 2014

Not End of the Road Yet

Savvy businesses grasp globalization’s potential and innovate, using the world as their drawing board
Nayan Chanda
September 22, 2014