Exporting People

A worsening economic crisis could spur the poor to seek jobs in new lands – or even to return home
Joseph Chamie
January 21, 2009

Headscarf Ban Misses the Point

France's proposed law illustrates cultural divide between the state and its Islamic population
Shada Islam
January 30, 2004

Indian Doctors Help Fill US Health Care Needs

But tougher visa requirements and discrimination may exacerbate the looming US healthcare crisis
Steve Raymer
February 16, 2004

Migrants' Bodies Pulled From Mediterranean

Disparate laws challenge border enforcement
Ahmed Elumami and Marton Dunai
August 31, 2015

Inside the Migrant "Jungle" in Northern France

Refugees leave all behind to flee brutalities in their homelands
Peter Wieben
August 26, 2015

France Seeks Help in Monitoring Suspicious Activity

Government requests vigilance from train passengers
Sam Schechner and Matthew Dalton
August 24, 2015

Greek Debt Crisis Is Providing Fuel for the Country's Neo-Nazi Movement Golden Dawn

EU should monitor both budget and political trends
Nick Apoifis
July 16, 2015

Words of Concern, Walls of Deterrence: Refugees Pushed Out to Sea

NGO launches its own search-and-rescue operations in the Mediterranean
Aurélie Ponthieu
April 20, 2015