Globalization and the Political Future of Nigeria

Recent oil crises reveal Nigeria as a crucial link in the global chain
Sam Ejike Okoye
October 15, 2004

Africa Must Be Heard in the Councils of the Rich

Wealthy liberal democracies stack executive boards of World Bank and IMF undemocratically against poor
Kevin Watkins
October 1, 2004

Strike Threatens Nigeria's Oil Production

Union in world's seventh-biggest exporter says it will shut down supplies if police harass protesters
Rory Carroll
October 14, 2004

Countdown in Khartoum

The Darfur peace talks in Nigeria stall over demobilisation, but efforts to secure peace in Sudan continue
Gamal Nkrumah
August 27, 2004

Trade Theory vs. Used Clothes in Africa

An African take on the debate between free trade and protectionism
Carter Dougherty
June 3, 2004