Central Asia Description

Tajikistan's Iron Man

Sacrificing good governance for the sake of stability delivers few benefits for all concerned
December 26, 2006

NATO after Riga

NATO struggles to support a weak government in Afghanistan while combating the economy’s heavy reliance on opium production
Joseph S. Nye
December 14, 2006

US Coordinates Drug Sweep in the Balkans and Central Asia

Working with law-enforcement officials from 15 other nations across Central Asia and the Balkans, the Drug Enforcement Administration manages to seize tons of narcotics, signaling the viability of multinational operations in an area more known for its ethnic rivalries than commonalities.
David Binder
August 25, 2002

World Donors Praise Kabul’s Budget and Development Plans

Afghan President Hamid Karzai and his transitional government are appealing to the international community for aid that will help rebuild Afghanistan following two decades of war.
Carlotta Gall
October 14, 2002

Russian Oil ‘Can Ease Reliance on Mideast’

U.S. efforts to tap into Russian oil supply fueled by debates on war with Iraq
Nancy Dunne
September 13, 2002