Pakistan: The Eye of a Coming Storm?

Torn between pleasing the US and maintaining dominance over Afghanistan, Musharraf's wavering gives Al Qaeda a free hand
Paula R. Newberg
February 28, 2007

Iran-Saudi Arabian Embrace: A New Beginning?

History shows that when interests coincide, rivals tend to cooperate
Dilip Hiro
March 9, 2007

Diplomacy as Afterthought Wins US Few Mideast Converts

While pro-American Arab leaders are paralyzed by Iraq violence, Israel-Palestine interlocutors are lame ducks
Fawaz A. Gerges
January 23, 2007

Iraq War Fuels Global Jihad

US intervention infuriates even mainstream Muslims, giving Al Qaeda and other jihadists a boost
Fawaz A. Gerges
December 21, 2006

Washington’s Iraq Dilemma: Dialogue with Syria Could Serve Bigger Purpose

The US could use interests of the Bashar regime to deliver change throughout the broader Middle East
Matthew Lee
December 14, 2006

Washington’s Iraq Dilemma: Why Engaging Iran Is a Good Idea

While no silver bullet, dialogue could help expose Iran’s weaknesses
George Perkovich
December 12, 2006