Quietly, Symbolically, US Control of the Internet Just Ended

The plan requires US approval before September
Maria Farrell
March 16, 2016

Magistrate Orders Apple to Help FBI Hack San Bernardino Shooter’s Phone

Apple CEO suggests that the FBI is demanding a backdoor that could put any iPhone data at risk
Kim Zetter
February 17, 2016

A Complicated Friendship Between China and Britain

Britain should be cautious about working with any foreign investors that rely on cyber-surveillance
James Richards
November 2, 2015

You've Got Fail: High School Students Claim Hack on CIA Director's AOL Account

Email users fail to take advantage of all security measures
Sam Thielman
October 20, 2015

How Much Damage Can the US Office of Personnel Management Hackers Do With Millions of Fingerprints?

The theft may mean more damage for an industry than individuals
Dustin Volz
September 30, 2015

Should Governments Be Able to Look at Your Data When It’s Abroad?

Laws are not keeping up with cloud computing or data storage
September 9, 2015

The Agency

Paid internet trolls target journalists and communities with highly coordinated fake disaster reports
Adrian Chen
June 5, 2015